These are just some of the bills I’ve championed since taking office last year. Many have passed the Senate and I will continue to push this agenda forward.



SF 273: Banning abortion after heartbeat detection.


SF 275: Establishes Constitutional Carry. We have the right to bear arms and defend ourselves, especially in a time of rising crime.

SF 442: Defense of Dwelling Act 2021    Pending: Defense of Dwelling Act 2022

SF 2328: Amendment to the Minnesota State Constitution protecting the right to bear arms. We can’t depend on future legislators to stop anti-gun legislation, so I have co-authored this bill to make it clear: we have the RIGHT to bear arms.

SF 1202: Prohibiting the closure of shooting ranges during a state of emergency. We saw states shut down shooting ranges for COVID! They are looking for any excuse to limit our right to bear arms.

SF 2128: Shooting sports grants. The passion I see with high school shooting teams needs to continue and will with this bill.


YES, on SF 1589, banning vaccine mandates and passports. This bill passed the Senate on May 14, 2021, and must now be passed by the House.


YES, on Voter ID. Everyone must feel like their vote counts. Do they think people are too dumb to get an ID?

YES, on Provisional Ballots. These will help ensure everyone gets ONE vote.


YES, on ending Governor’s emergency powers.

YES, on emergency power reform. The governor should never have the extended control Governor Walz took! The “Never again bill” would be tied up in court and would likely be considered unconstitutional. It is poorly written and has zero chance of passing. 

YES, on a bill that requires legislative approval for the extension of emergency powers. It’s easy to say only the legislature should have control but the legislature is slow, and it would take us a week just to get together. WE can’t organize in an hour to address an emergency. That is why our constitution allows for emergency powers.

YES, on eliminating the Governor’s authority to close schools and restrict learning. The legislature needs to be a part of any decision regarding our children as we are the closest to the people.


SF 56: Unlimited Social Security income tax subtraction.

SF 273: Income tax subtraction for retirement income.

SF 1822: Butcher shop machinery tax exemption.

SF 1228: Beginning farmer tax credit. We continue to see the average age of farmers increase and there is very little opportunity for young people who have the passion to farm. This will help beginning farmers have the financial stability necessary to operate successfully.

SF 676: Senior citizen property tax credit. Should we just continue to chase our senior citizens out of Minnesota, or should we keep the most important people in our lives here? I think we need them with us!

SF 386: Charitable gambling tax reduction. This allows our local bars, Eagles club, and VFW clubs to support under-privileged kids or support the community in other ways.

SF 245: Tax reduction holidays for firearms and fishing equipment.

SF 2643: Purple Heart special plates fee exemption. Who wouldn’t support our heroes!


SF 82: Increased penalties for assault on peace officers, judges, prosecuting attorneys, and correctional employees. It’s time to support our public servants. They are our neighbors and friends. PASSED ☑

SF 208: Law enforcement hiring information access expansion.

SF 686: Hometown Hero’s Act; providing support to those who sacrifice so much for our communities. PASSED ☑

SF 820: Sex trafficking cases model policies adoption.

SF 952: Allowing for emergency medical care to police dogs. Our police dogs are protecting us and our police officers. They put their lives on the line for us and we need to give them the best care possible. PASSED ☑

SF 2650: Police use of deadly force modification.

SF 3015: Body cam systems grants for rural MN. This will protect the public and law enforcement.

SF 3042: Additional school safety specialists appropriation. I want to protect our children from people who may try to harm them in our schools.

SF 3149: Increased carjacking penalties.  Enough is enough! The carjackers are putting our friends, neighbors, and our families in danger.

SF 3151: Increased penalties for fleeing police in a car. Why is it criminals can run from the police and endanger our families? We need to keep increasing the penalties until they stop endangering other people.


SF 754: Imposing term limits of legislators.  From the beginning, I have said I will abide by term limits and have pushed legislation to impose term limits. We all know career politicians that need to go.

SF 1264: Prohibiting employers from having vaccination requirements. No one should be told what to put in their bodies! Medical treatments are a personal decision not for an employer to decide. It’s a slippery slope and you can imagine what else an employer could ask us to do if we let them.

SF 1979: Reopening our DVS testing locations.  With the increase in gas costs due to the Biden administration why do they want us to drive even further for basic services? PASSED ☑

SF 2450: Prohibiting youth sport masking requirements. Have they lost their minds? The chance of our youth dying from COVID-19 is no more than the flu. Stop pretending that masks work for children.

SF 2474: Prohibiting vaccine passports. The Democratic party wants to control our lives.  One way is with Vaccine Passports. Time to stop their control.

SF 2474: SF 2729: Protecting parents’ right to speak at school board meetings. Who’s in control of your children? The democratic party thinks you should sit down and be quiet! I think you are in control, and I voted YES on this legislation.  PASSED ☑

SF 3208: Call for a Convention of States to impose fiscal restraints on the federal government and impose term limits on members of congress.