Meet Gene Dornink

Learn more about your next State Senator! Gene Dornink is a family man who enjoys
spending time with his wife Vicky and their 12 children.

  • Gene is a lifelong Minnesotan who was raised on a family dairy farm. He spent his career working as a Union Carpenter and later started a small business.
  • Gene graduated from Austin Vocational School with a carpentry degree and worked in resident construction. 
  • Gene worked as a member of Carpenter’s Union #1382 in Rochester for 22 years.
  • In 2009, Gene was laid off in a tough economy. He understands the benefits of a good economy. He and his fellow workers understand what happens to your family and community when people get laid off. Instead of losing faith, Gene worked tirelessly to build a successful business which he still operates today.
  • Gene has lived and worked alongside small business owners, professionals in the medical field, teachers, and fellow union members in Carpenters Union #1382.