It’s Time for a Builder, Not a Bystander

“Building a stronger future” is not just a cliché for me, because that is what I do; I am a builder.

I have built my family on a good foundation. I have built my business as a carpenter, on the principles of integrity and diligence. I want to go to St. Paul and represent the values of this hard-working district. I am working hard to be your next Senator for District 23 and won’t take your support for granted.
District 23 deserves to have someone in office who will be proactive in determining which bills will serve the needs of this community and abide by our constitution; someone who will pound the pavement seeking input from its citizens to address future dilemmas and opportunities; someone who knows how to build on the infrastructure already in place that supports this community and the state of Minnesota.

It’s Time for a Citizen, Not a Career Politician!

Gene’s childhood on a family dairy farm, embodies the spirit and character of south central Minnesotans. His career as a Union carpenter and later as a small business owner, exemplifies the qualities of hard work and stick-to-it-iveness found in every corner of this southern Minnesota district. Far from being a career politician, Gene epitomizes the average, hard-working citizen who has worked diligently alongside his wife of over 30 years to raise his family and build a successful business right here in Southeast Minnesota.

Gene will advocate for reduced healthcare costs through freedom and competition which will provide more options. He will work to better our education system for all children, and strive to return control to the local school districts and parents. As a successful small business owner, Gene understands what it takes to create jobs and balance a budget. At the state capitol, Gene will stand up for common sense spending to assure that our current obligations are met before voting to expend more of the taxpayer’s dollars.

Gene Dornink is running for the Senate to effectively represent his neighbors, fellow business professionals and the farming families who have helped build our communities. His “no frills” style of leadership and real life experience will inspire his colleagues and bring accountability back home to constituents.